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S-GNSS Auto delivers up 
to 10x better accuracy for ADAS in dense urban areas

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are bridging the gap to full autonomy and have a major role to play in improving safety and efficiency on our roads.

Until now, the complexities of urban environments have presented a significant challenge to reliable , accurate and safe GNSS positioning, limiting the expansion of these capabilities into cities, whilst impeding the pace of innovation.

As a next generation GNSS technology, S-GNSS Auto solves these problems, easing the burden on other vehicle sensors, to the integrity of system performance. Providing up to 10x better accuracy for ADAS, S-GNSS-Auto delivers the absolute positioning solution, unlocking new capabilities and driver benefits.

Image of General Motors in Detrioit
How General Motors solved the foundational problem of satellite multipath
Safety leads the agenda for General Motors, which includes extending Ultracruise hands free driving to more highways and urban environments.
GM has tried several approaches to mitigating multipath interference without the need for additional sensors like cameras, wheel odometry, or precise point positioning corrections. S-GNSS offers the promise of simplifying the systems engineering effort to achieve consistent accuracy, especially in urban areas.
—  Curtis Hay, Technical Fellow
GNSS, V2X and Maps, General Motors

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Autonomous vehicle driving through city ahead of other vehicles

Next generation automotive technology

Powered by our patented Supercorrelation, S-GNSS Auto® is an upgrade to GNSS receivers, making them more accurate, reliable and secure.

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