GPS spoofing: The risks for the automotive industry
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Discover the risk of GPS spoofing and its growing threat to ADAS and autonomous driving systems

GPS spoofing is an emerging threat that the automotive industry must get to grips with if autonomous driving is to become a reality.

To understand these risks further, we gathered expert opinions from Dr J. Rossouw van der Merwe together with industry opinions gleaned from across the value chain and consumer views, to understand how they view the risk of spoofing.

This whitepaper reflects the perspectives gleaned from this Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) research and our expertise regarding this growing threat to autonomous driving decisions, that could compromise the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and contents, and other road users.
Industry insights into the associated risks facing the automotive industry.
How GPS spoofing works and its impact to GPS receivers.
The current state of play in standards and regulations.
4 technology strategies that can mitigate the risk of GPS spoofing.

What's inside?

How FocalPoint is working with General Motors
Our collaboration with GM is focusing on possible applications of Supercorrelation technology in future vehicles, including enhancements and expansion of its Super Cruise advanced hands-free driving assistance technology.
GM has investigated several approaches to mitigate multipath effects in dense urban areas, including integration of GNSS with additional sensors like cameras, wheel odometry, or precise point positioning corrections. S-GNSS entails a simplified systems engineering design to achieve consistent accuracy.
Curtis Hay, Technical Fellow
GNSS, V2X and Maps, General Motors
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