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FocalPoint’s software solves the AV multipath problem
March 7, 2023
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From consumer behaviours to the role of GNSS within ADAS, explore and download our exclusive insights here.
The role of GNSS in autonomous driving
GNSS is the simplest and cheapest sensor for absolute positioning and provides essential information for the ADAS in poor visibility and difficult weather conditions.
What's inside?
  • The role of GNSS in guaranteeing absolute location accuracy
  • The complexities of multipath interference and how to overcome it
  • The role of next generation GPS technologies in enhancing accuracy
  • The role of next generation GPS technologies in enhancing accuracy
YouGov consumer results revealed towards the safety of driver-assisted and autonomous vehicles
Our recent YouGov consumer survey revealed the risk of cyber-attacks and GPS spoofing as an influencing factor on the decision to purchase a car with autonomous capabilities.
What's inside?
  • Consumer awareness of GPS spoofing
  • The top risks associated with spoofing of GPS systems
  • Consumer preferences and purchase intent for ADAS and AVs
  • How anti-spoofing functionality influences brand choice
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